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Let polymorphism

I want to do a post about another unexpected typing quirk, but I think I need to write this as background to it, first. If, having some passing familiarity with an ML-like language, and knowing what unification was, you were … Continue reading

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Type checking polarity

Related to my previous post on Skolem constants, another interesting issue related to type annotations is the direction the type information moves. Now, there are at least two things I could mean by direction.  On the one hand there’s what … Continue reading

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Who ordered Skolem constants?

It’s tempting, after a bit of experience with using nice functional languages, and some time spent really understanding what’s going on with (for example) Pierce’s books on type systems, to think you actually have some idea of what you’re doing … Continue reading

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Copyright and patents in… fashion?

Ezra Klein has a pretty good column on intellectual property in Newsweek today, and it deserves attention.  The most interesting part is that, while it comes to many of the same conclusions we do in the software field, it’s about … Continue reading

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The future of compiler optimization

I came across this bit of speculation on the future of compiler optimization today, and I thought I’d add a few thoughts (as well as refer all one of my readers to it.) Verification and Optimization Will Join Forces. If … Continue reading

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Sort is jargon

One of the amusing things that happens when you teach introductory level classes is you get to see things from a different perspective, and that can sometimes be quite surprising. Last Spring, I discovered that sort, as in “a sorted … Continue reading

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Everything went better than expected…

Today I found myself wondering what subversion’s syntax for doing merges was, so naturally I googled it. The horror I discovered had me plotting a surreptitious corrupting of all our repositories, and overnight replacement with git.  Manually keeping track of … Continue reading

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