Everything went better than expected…

Today I found myself wondering what subversion’s syntax for doing merges was, so naturally I googled it.

The horror I discovered had me plotting a surreptitious corrupting of all our repositories, and overnight replacement with git.  Manually keeping track of revision numbers? What is this preposterous crap!?

Fortunately, after the rage and devious planning subsided, I looked a little deeper.  As it turns out, google sends you to the svn book website for version 1.0.

One point oh.  Released ten years ago.

What in the hell? I’m very, very surprised to discover that Google doesn’t have some heuristic to identify multiple versions of the same document and direct you to the most recent.  But I guess I already knew this: it does the same thing for Java documentation.  (No, I don’t want the JDK 1.4 version of this class’s documentation. Jerk.)

After some clicking around the website (isn’t this what search engines are supposed to avoid? Damn it, google!), I found the most recent version and was quite pleased to discover that svn was not a pre-stone age piece of crap that I was somehow hoodwinked into using.

That was close.

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