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The shared memory model is doomed (a teaser)

This rather wonderful blog post on debugging a horrible memory management issue with MySQL databases illustrates one of the incredibly complex subtleties that the shared memory model presents. Our systems already have nonuniform memory architectures, and will increasingly and more … Continue reading

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A follow-up on Skolem constants

A few weeks ago, I ran into a type checking issue that I had never been warned about before that called for Skolem constants. The biggest issue, for me anyway, was that it sort of came out of nowhere.  I … Continue reading

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On that “web 2.0” quote

Humans have a bizarre tendency to derive this sense of meaning from utterly meaningless and inane things.  Dennett calls it “deepity.” I love this word and the whole concept because, for some reason, these things drive me nuts. If you’re … Continue reading

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