Lazy Webbing a Personal Cloud?

The shutdown of Reader left me… sad. Feedly has done okay as a replacement, though I’m not sure what their business plan is. I’d discovered Tiny Tiny RSS, which actually looks quite nice, and has the distinct advantage of staying up as long as you decide to keep it up. But… well, I’m not really a “host things myself” person at the moment. (Hello, from my blog!) And just an RSS reader isn’t enough to motivate me to start.

Drew Crawford has written a step by step guide to setting up a mail server, complete with IMAP, spam filtering, push, and encryption. It’s excellent. I’m posting pretty much to save that link for myself later. Because RSS and email is almost enough motivation.

So my friendly lazyweb, are there good open source replacements for Dropbox?

How about Google calendar or docs? (Or, since docs seems like a lot, maybe just the word processing part of it?) Contacts? (Actually wait, isn’t IMAP supposed to do that?)

Now that I think about it, I wonder how hard it is to set up a private VPN server.

And what host has the cheapest VM with decent disk space? (Since only you’d be accessing your own box, I feel like bandwidth, cpu, etc aren’t such a big deal.)

Also, what other neat stuff can you cram into your personal “cloud?” (After all, everything cool is a cloud now, right?)

Oh. And who’s working on the scripted/chef/puppet/flavor of the month version of Drew’s post? I know you exist.

Hey, the title of this post did say Lazy.

Update 2013-7-20: Saw this link on HN about replacing dropbox. Doesn’t quite cut it though. For one thing, needs inotify, not “sleep 2”. For another, well, the android app isn’t open source. And, you know, other platforms exist, too.

Update 2013-8-20: Ansible scripts that set up a lot of this stuff. Nice!

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One Response to Lazy Webbing a Personal Cloud?

  1. ea says:

    Git annex for db replacement

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