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The Fermi paradox… isn’t.

There is a common topic among people who like to think about the future and space travel: the Fermi paradox. Simply put, if you take even tiny-seeming growth rates for any civilization in the galaxy, it should be everywhere in … Continue reading

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Programming is the new literacy

Chris Granger has a post ironically titled “Coding is not the new literacy.” It’s pretty good. Despite the early part where he attempts to redefine literacy in order to have a catchy title: This is certainly accurate, but defining literacy … Continue reading

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More on Abstraction

Almost a year ago (evidently), I wrote briefly about Abstraction, Modularity, and Composition as important principles in designing software. I’ve had a few more thoughts to add about abstraction. There are two sides to the abstraction “coin”: there’s (for lack … Continue reading

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